A review of Simon Winchester’s The Map That Changed the World


The story of Pierre Duhem: the man who lit up the dark ages.

The Telegraph – Greeks Get Rekt’ **DISS TRACK**

The Ice Age theory of climate change had been melting for some time, so this janitor mopped it all up with a new theory.

China is a big country with big problems. One Chinese scholar decided to help with a very small but important solution.

The top 1 prank that went too far. It revolutionized optics and the practice of science.

When America abandoned its lepers, a young black woman came in like a wrecking Ball to the rescue.

The Word of the Lord reveals the Earth to be 6000 years old. Lord Kelvin said it’s a couple of millions old. Inspector Holmes finds out.

Newton’s Principia almost never got published, all thanks to a book on fishes

Cats were and continue to be important for humans to think outside the box, for the inside is always occupied by them.

The ride was tough, but Ride was tougher.

Despite not being seen as warriors, women in the Meiji era had their own battles to fight, almost always with a handicap. This was especially true to those who wanted better education.

When the world closed its doors on Marjory Stephenson, she went micro and built her own.

Michael Faraday: twice rejected; twice lucky – one lifetime of greatness.

How deep time was discovered underneath ancient rocks.